Dr. Richard. S. Wheeldon

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7737 3857

E-Mail: richard@rswheeldon.com

Date of birth: 5th October 1977


As an experienced Java developer and technical lead with 15 years experience in software development, I have consistently delivered effective, working solutions for leading organizations – mainly in security related areas. I have worked heavily with Java, Linux, SQL databases XML and related technologies.


I have authored several peer-reviewed papers, two conference posters and one patent application. I have also co-authored a book chapter and presented two posters at conferences. A full list of publications is available at http://www.rswheeldon.com/pubs/


My personal interests include SCUBA diving, horse-riding, Go and travel. Since leaving Cisco, I’ve been travelling around the world and am now looking for a new leadership role in London.

Employment History

Technical Lead – Cisco CWS (December 2009 – October 2014)


In 2009 I joined ScanSafe shortly before it was acquired by Cisco to become Cloud Web Security (CWS). Cisco CWS provides secure web browsing for schools, government and companies using a large-scale HTTP proxy that inspects over 6 billion Web requests daily. Having been promoted twice, I eventually took over technical leadership for the entire CWS development team (around 30 engineers). My duties have included:

Technical Specialist – Reuters (June 2007 – December 2010)

My time at Reuters was divided between developing and then supporting three major news agency related projects all with a common tech stack of Java, Tibco JMS and MySQL:

Senior Software Developer – Geoquip Worldwide (June 2004-June 2007)

Geoquip is a world leader in physical perimeter intrusion detection systems. I was responsible for the development of a Security Management System called GeoLog which was installed in over 150 prisons, military sites and other secure areas throughout EMEA and the US. During my time at Geoquip I:

Developer - University College London (June 2002-March 2004)

Taco is a system for the presentation of online coursework, used by members of several departments throughout the University, chiefly the Computer Science department. As the primary developer I:

Chief Programmer - NavigationZone (October 2000-May 2002)

Since research into hypertext navigation and trails was central to my PhD thesis, when the company NavigationZone was set-up to develop and exploit this technology, I was offered the job of chief programmer leading a small team collaborating on design, development and testing. During this time I:

Java Developer - University College London (May 1999-October 2000)

Worked in a small team in UCL's computer science department along with partners in Europe on a authoring system for language tutors during which I:





Vijay Gupta, Manager, Cisco

Paul Bates, Design Manager, Geoquip Worldwide Ltd.

Angela Sasse, Professor of Human Centred Technology, UCL