Richard Wheeldon's Amos Page

I spend many years using the Amiga, much of which was spending coding in AMOS Basic. I learnt a great deal during that time, mainly how not to write programs. Many of the programs written were fundmentally flawed, or have suffered severe bit-rot. However some utility functions may still be of use to someone and I am making them available here. Please feel free to do whatever you like with them. They are completely without support or warranty. More may be made available in the future as I sort through the collection. The following are currently available for download. Please note that they may require the use of the Craft extension given away with CU-Amiga. If anyone requests this, I may add it to the site. Also available is a paint package I wrote in the mid-90s called Artmaster Professional. Unfortunately, it wasn't very professionally written! It did have some neat features, but suffered from a lack of speed (no longer noticable now I have an A4k!) and a rather pathetic magnification option. It is made available in the hope that some of the ideas or code might be useful to someone. To use, simply unpack the archive, and run the MakeAmproAssigns script. The program should then run from within the AMOSPro environment without any further problems!
Last Updated on Wed 22 May 2002