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This page is used to provide information relating to the work I am involved with. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions regarding anything here. Potential employers can take a look at my (rather out-of-date) CV. You might also want to take a look at Philip Larkin's poem, I Remember, I Remember or James E. Gunn's Kindergarten which have been on my site for years now.

Cisco In December, I took up a job at ScanSafe - part of Cisco and a provider of cloud-based security. Before that I worked for two and a half years in the media arm of Reuters.
GeoLog From 2004 to 2007 I worked for Geoquip developing a Security Management system called GeoLog for controlling Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and CCTV. A number of GeoLog screenshots are available. Further information can also be found on Geoquip's GeoLog page
Birkbeck In 2003, I completed a PhD in Computer Science at Birkbeck, under the supervision of Mark Levene. My PhD work concentrated on the concept of Hypertext Trails. The company which I previously worked for, NavigationZone, used the algorithms developed by myself and others to assist web navigation. Papers and posters describing this work can be found in the publications page. The thesis abstract and provisional table of table of contents can be found here.
U.C.L. Before joining Geoquip, I did some work for the Computer Science Department at UCL where I did my BSc. redesigning the TACO (Teaching and Coursework Online) system under the supervision of Angela Sasse.
Amiga I spent many years using the Amiga, much of which was spending coding in AMOS Basic. I learnt a great deal during that time, mainly on how not to write programs. If you want to download any of these programs check out the Amiga or Amos pages.
Java Two utilities have been developed to help Java programmers as part of my PhD work. AutoDoc shows hypertext trails through Javadocs. AutoCode shows similar trails through the source code of Java programs, where each trails represents a thread of coupling (either Inheritance, Aggregation, Interface, Parameter or Return Type). Using information derived from AutoCode, Steve Counsell and I showed the existence of power laws in Java code.
Malted MALTED stands for Multimedia Authoring for Language Tutors and Educational Developers. It was a project which I worked on for over a year, developing the Assetbase server software. Widely used at the time by UCL Language center, the only original partner actively working with and developing MALTED are the Spanish Ministry of Education (M.E.C.) who have made it available for download.
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